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Not everyone is a fan of the whole "team" vibe.  Not a problem for Trendstar Realty Associates.

Our exclusive Mentorship Program allows you to gradually hone your skills under the guidance of a superior, hand-selected and experienced Trendstar Associate, with one-on-one instruction that your Mentor customizes for you as an individual.  Tailor-made training and support.  It simply doesn't get any better than that.  Experience it - only at Trendstar Realty!


"Service With Integrity" is at the very heart of our corporate philosophy.  More than just a slogan or tagline, it's how we do business every day.  And not just in our dealings with clientele.  Ours is an environment in which you can actually feel the difference it makes when you are fully supported and valued as a Trendstar Realty Associate.

100% commissions

We understand.  It's why you got in the real estate business in the first place: to earn a living.  Let's not let the unfair commission splits out there get in the way of that, OK?

zero desk fees

There's nothing like being able to actually keep the money you worked so hard to earn, right?  (Pssst...You get to do that here.)

personal training

Training, support, and Mentorship that's right for YOU.  We understand not everyone learns the same way.  At Trendstar Realty, you get to choose how you train.

Why Trendstar?
team leadership

Want a Team of your own?  Leverage your real estate experience and know-how to cultivate the next generation of superstars!


When you invest along with the company, you share in company profits.  Pretty simple.


Need we say more?  Trendstar Realty works aggressively to attract leads from city-wide sources to keep your prospect pipeline full.

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